Hello there!
My name is Sercan, a self-taught, ambitious Front End Developer based in Brussels 👋 I have been building websites web applications for more than 15 years since the day I met with Front Page Express I was creating websites and making revenue through AdSense or selling them with high PageRanks back then.

Nowadays, I make products with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript together with frameworks such as Bootstrap Bulma JQuery React. I also have experience with PHP MySQL Wordpress NPM Webpack Command Line and Git together with Google products such as Analytics AdSense AdWords and Search Console. I do lots of SEO and Growthacking things. Not an expert but I know a few about UI/UX and can make my way with Adobe Photoshop and Sketch. I am also trained for Agile project management tools such as Kanban and Scrum.

Fun fact; besides coding, I also hold a BS degree in Chemistry and was running the Quality dept. of an int'l company for years. I do speak English and Turkish while learning French and Dutch.

Multiple Charts — 2018 OFF
Multiple Charts is a crypto charting tool that allows you to see multiple real time charts at once in one screen. You can view up to 12 charts at once and switch between light/dark mode together with some charting tools. It's built on top of the TradingView service and a perfect friend for swing and day traders.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap JavaScript TradingView API CloudFlare SSL
Startup Digger — 2017 OFF
Startup Digger is kind of a single page application that scraps various resources such as Product Hunt, Launching Next, Reddit, Hacker News for new startups —which I call mostly indie products— and entrepreneurship related discussions and list them for you in single page. It tries to show you products without leaving the page, if not able to, then put a full page screenshot in front of you. Some of the crawlers might not be able to work due to the changes in the sources —simply didn't have time to update the code 😇

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap JQuery PhantomJS PHP MySQL Cron Jobs CloudFlare SSL
Newsletter City — 2017 OFF
Newsletter City is kind of a marketplace platform, simply listing niche newsletters from all around the web. It works with a paid membership system where the newsletter owners has to pay a small amount of fee in order to be get listed and make their newsletters more visible to public. It is using Paddle Overlay system and Webhooks as payment processing method and still maintained since it has nice traffic.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Responsive PHP MySQL Paddle Webhooks CloudFlare SSL
Kafa Dengin — 2016 OFF
Kafa Dengin is another idea of mine to let likemind people find eachother. It is like a Tinder style matchmaking service but with AI power. Never had the enough time to build it as I need to learn mobile app development first —hope React will help me with that. I still keep my notes for the future :)

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Responsive JavaScript
retargetMore — 2015 OFF
retargetMore was quite a big SaaS project. It was a smart link shorthener for marketing geniuses. Using retargetMore you can inject your retargeting pixel code into your shortened links and can share them all around the web. Any visitor clicking your link will be inside your retargeting pool no matter they visit your website or not 🚀 It is part of a bigger competitor now.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Responsive JQuery Google Charts API ASP.NET MVC 5 SSL MailChimp Retargeting
Find A Good Name — 2014 OFF
Find A Good Name was an interesting project which was trying to leverage the power of crowdsourcing for finding good catchy business names with available domains. Those type of businesses are being made mostly by AI today but my system has its own logic powered by real manpower. According to the feedback of the gig owner, profit gets splitted between suggesters which is a win-win program. I turned it off after beta for two reasons: one of the problem was finding people with quality suggestions and the other one is sending people their profits. This idea might be regenerated as the blockchain systems is quite popular and offer such solutions now.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Responsive PHP MySQL Paddle SSL
IT Jobs in Belgium — 2014 OFF
IT Jobs in Belgium was a job board listing IT related jobs (targeting mostly startup size) in Belgium as the name suggests. Design and userflow of the website was similar to WeWorkRemotely. It was not a ready script and coded from the scratch and able to process payments to post a job. In six months of time I have been able to get over 50 different job listing. But, I finally shut it down due to the lack of growth, maybe it was not the right time, it was too early for such a service. On the other hand, I can say that the competition is quite though in such markets.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Responsive JQuery PHP MySQL PayU API SSL MailChimp
Sanalyum — 2013 OFF
Sanalyum was a full featured e-commerce website coded from scratch featuring single page checkout, coupon codes, monthly installment options during payment, shipment tracking system, automated product marketing, SEO friendly structure, etc. The reason of the coding from scratch was not only to learn and improve my coding skills but also having trouble to find such a feature-rich service back in those times. It was maybe one of the first responsive e-commerce websites in Turkey at the time it was built and was able to make couple of grands in around six months of time before it was acquired for another couple of grands 💵 by a bigger competitor due to a stupid trademark conflict between me and them. But, I learned so many lessons from dropshipping to custumer acquisition, from running a sole proprietorship to customer support, etc. It was not a one man show as a side project.

HTML CSS3 JavaScript PHP MySQL PayU API SSL Adobe Photoshop Google AdWords Facebook Ads
CSS Grid Keyboard — 2018 OFF
CSS Grid Keyboard was a simple weekend project for me to learn and practice CSS Grid technology. I found an image of a Macbook keyboard through a Google search and tried to built the same with only the help of CSS Grid technology.

Other Experimental Projects — 2018 OFF
In order to refresh and improve my JavaScript skills I have built a few simple apps. One of them was Robo Friends which is a simple real time search box and front end manipulation experiment using JSON and React. Pomodoro Timer is the popular thing that you can personally benefit for more effective working. It is built using Vanilla JS. Classical Snake Game is the well-known nostalgic Nokia game that is built again using Vanilla JS and HTML5 Canvas combo. I built the Tic-tac-toe game to experiment JS algorithms and AI stuff which was quite cool.

HTML CSS Vanilla JS JSON React
JS Algorithm Certificate— 2018 OFF
As mentioned above I decided to refresh my JavaScript skills and get up-to-date with the popular frameworks & tools in May, 2018. Therefore, I've attended to the FreeCodeCamp and Zero-to-Mastery classes online and after my progress with the JS algorithm challenges I was able to get this certificate. You can verify the certificate by clicking here.

HTML5 CSS3 Vanilla JS